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Բարի գալուստ Fine Cars of Armenia

The largest multi brand showroom in the Caucasus region providing you the finest in the automotive industry.

Brand leaders in quality, craftsmanship and performance present in five continents securing top positions and customer satisfaction.

Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Chrysler, Dodge and RAM will be available with various models and types for the first time in Armenia providing customers with a variety of selection in design, performance, convenience and affordability.

Fine Cars of Armenia will give you the tools to choose the right product combined with the right product portfolio. As customer experience is our top priority, our staff is ready to provide you with sale insight and after-sales services.

We are determined to provide you with a complete solution which will include the following services: Financing & Leasing, Insurance, Pre delivery  Services, Maintenance Plans, Registration with Traffic Police, Training.

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Dear motorists

As the new international and political landscape has paved the way for international investors and brands to take on the Armenian market, it has provided us all an unprecedented optimism. As we embark into this new era, we are excited to offer the Armenian people a remarkable experience as we introduce the finest vehicles from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

The people of Armenia with their rich and ancient culture deserve to have the choice and we are determined to provide that with our wide range of products and services. We believe in leadership, efficiency, advance technology, quality assurance and most of all, customer satisfaction. The implementation of these fundamental pillars is essential to our vision and success.

Fine Cars of Armenia is an official general distributor of “Fiat Chrysler Automobile Group” presenting our customers with quality brands such as JEEP, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Chrysler, Dodge and RAM.

Our state-of-the-art showroom and after-sales service facility will give you a different experience in your next visit, an experience  unlike what you have seen before. We welcome our customers to challenging us as we strive to meet their needs.

We invite you to stop by and test drive one of your favorite models.

- Michael M Aghili