Top-in class loading capacity, extraordinarily compact and agile: all of this and much more in the New Talento. The model, with its generous internal dimensions, great versatility and the ability to adapt to different customer needs, is the perfect work mate for all the professionals in urban streets and on major roads. The cargo compartment is accessible from the rear, allowing to use every centimeter of the loading compartment, from the floor up to the roof. The side door facilitates loading large and heavy objects. The loading capacity is 5.2 m3 on SWB and 6m3 on LWB. The advantage of the high roof is the increase in loading capacity: up to 8.6m3 A complete Multimedia System with steering wheel controls:

– Touchscreen 7″ Bluetooth radio (DAB as an optional) for streaming audio and hands-free calling

– USB and AUX on the dashboard for MP3 players

– Navigation system with display 2D and 2.5D (Birdview)


Power, reliability and low running costs for moving goods and people both in and out of the city. A wide range of Euro 6 engines available to choose from. Anti-lock Braking System prevents one or more wheels from locking and slipping regardless of the road surface conditions and braking intensity, ensuring control of the vehicle even during emergency braking.

Electronic Brake force Distribution distributes brake force between front and rear axles to optimise efficiency in all driving situations.

Hydraulic Brake Assist recognises emergency braking conditions according to the speed of operation of the brake pedal and guarantees additional hydraulic braking pressure to support that provided by the driver. This allows faster and more powerful operation of the braking system. The Trailer Stability Assist system guarantees perfect stability even when towing. If the vehicle skids, the TSA automatically modulates the engine’s power and the braking force on each wheel to give stability back to the vehicle and its trailer. Ideal for starting off uphill with ultimate ease, even with a full load. The Hill Holder automatically holds the vehicle for several seconds without you having to press the brake pedal.