For over 35 years, we have been repaying your trust with reliability and dedication. Your mission becomes our mission whether you are transporting goods, people or if you have specific needs, with over 10,000 available versions. An engine for every mission, Diesel or Natural Gas, efficient fuel consumption and emissions, dynamic and ecological. The MultiJet2 engines with Gear Shift Indicator are also available with Start&Stop and all the manual versions have 6 speed gearboxes, with specific gear ratios for the Maxi range, in Diesel or CNG Versions.The Electronic Stability Control takes over automatically in emergency situations, such as if you have to swerve suddenly to avoid an obstacle. It monitors lateral acceleration, speed, grip and the steering wheel angle. It processes the data and, if necessary, regulates the torque and braking system to restore perfect stability to the vehicle. Brakes the vehicle during hill-starts, stopping it from rolling backwards without the need to use the handbrake. It then releases the brake automatically. The outstanding Load Adaptive Control

Integrated in the ESC, the system calculates the vehicle’s load conditions whilst driving, in particular the weight and the position of the centre of gravity. Based on these parameters, it intervenes, calculating and communicating new calibrations and intervention thresholds to the ABS, ASR, ESC and Roll Over Mitigation so that they always function as effectively as possible.